Maritime Security Jobs

Maritime security jobs can range from working for the coastguard to working for private companies and depending on the post you take, the amount of danger you face, and the level of qualifications and experience you have, your possible salary will vary. In general, you should be good under pressure, obviously be prepared and able to travel, and willing to learn to work with new and emerging technologies in a bid to protect boats, cargo, and passengers. When we talk about maritime security jobs, many people think of the protection of boats against Somali pirates but the reality is that numerous situations could be faced and must be combated.

The Need For Maritime Security Professionals

A chain reaction of events has led to increased instances of piracy, especially around the waters of Somalia but in waters across the world. Unfortunately, there are occasions when vessels, their cargo, and those on board need to travel this area and when doing so, it is highly advised that any vessel consider its security as a primary focus. Employing a security manager or a team of security professionals can help combat this possible problem.

Job Types

Preventing or protection from piracy is only one area of security that demands skilled and qualified people. There are maritime security jobs to be found patrolling the seas, manning docks, and collecting and collating information from land to provide to vessels around the world. It is possible to find maritime security jobs within the private and the public sectors and working for companies or organisations that hail from all over the world. There are certainly many maritime security opportunities out there for the right candidate.


Most maritime security jobs will demand a certain level of training. This specialist field offers equally specialist training courses and qualifications but you may also benefit from analytical experience, close protection training, and other forms of relevant training that would prove useful in the circumstances you are likely to face.


Information really is power and if you know which areas are safer than others and when, then you will prove an invaluable asset to any maritime security team. You will be able to help avoid trouble rather than having to resolve it and this is the ideal solution for all concerned.

Latest Knowledge

Maritime security jobs require the latest knowledge on a variety of different topics. Not only should you know the areas to avoid and the most recent incidents but, as maritime security is heavily dependent on technology, you should also have a very good understanding of these technologies. Keep an eye on the latest advances in security and the items and equipment that can be used to help you best pirates, terrorists, and other potential threats.


Maritime piracy and other maritime threats cost businesses and governments billions of pounds every single year, not to mention the loss of life and the additional cost of having vessels and equipment out of service following theft or being destroyed. Governments and companies are regularly advertising for maritime security jobs because they are desperate for well training and highly skilled maritime security experts.

Maritime Security Jobs

Estimates vary but the international maritime industry loses the equivalent of billions of pounds every single year to piracy alone. Organisations and companies know that offering the best maritime security jobs to the best qualified and most experienced candidates could mean saving them millions in ransom and insurance payments. With the proper training you could find access to hundreds of maritime security jobs available throughout the world offering you regular access to full time, well paid, and challenging work.