Maritime Security Companies

Maritime security companies come in many shapes and sizes and whether you are looking for a company to adequately and professionally handle the security onboard your vessel or fleet of vessels, or you are looking for potential employment as a maritime security professional, you will be able to find a varied selection of organisations to consider. Employing the services of a security company means that the ship owner should not have to worry about implementing ship security without the help of professionals.

Risk Assessment And Analysis

Maritime security companies will analyse the potential risks on board any ship and in the current maritime climate. They will determine the most likely threats during a particular route and they will consider everything from current pirate activity to the value of the ship, the cargo it is carrying, and even the crew that are on board. This risk assessment is vital because it will allow the company to be able to implement extensive security measures across the ship.

Security Plan Implementation

Once the assessment is complete, maritime security companies will then work on creating a security plan and implementing it. This may necessitate the use of several Ship Security Officers as well as other security personnel and it will require the involvement of the ship’s crew to some extent. Security is partially the responsibility of everybody on board so it is vital to the security company that they have the full cooperation of the captain and their crew.

Finding Security Companies

The list of maritime security companies is an extensive one. There are seemingly hundreds of maritime security companies as well as an equally long list of general security companies, like G4S, that also offer maritime security services. The rise in company’s requirements for maritime security professionals has given rise to greater opportunity but there are also many security professionals and ex-servicemen that are considering a future in this role so while you will have opportunity to send your CV to many companies you should ensure that you have the appropriate training first to help improve your chance of finding employment.

Posts Available

Maritime security companies typically have a number of different roles available. While the position of ship security officer may be one of the most common and the one that has the most training courses dedicated to it, it is only one of numerous positions. Some posts may be ship based while others are more administrative, desk based posts and there really is something for just about any skill set and any background.

The Benefits Of Hiring Maritime Security Companies

One of the benefits of hiring maritime security companies is that they have a close understanding of the current piracy situation and maritime threats that are being faced. This enables them to draw up a risk assessment that is accurate and takes into account the current situation. It also means that vessel or fleet owners are able to call on the services of the security company only as they need them. In contrast, employing your own team of ship security offices means paying full time wages even though the officers may not be needed at all times.

Find Work Or Protection

If you are looking for employment as a ship security officer or in another maritime security capacity, you should start by checking with the various maritime security companies that exist. You will find a number of different positions within most of these companies and, if you have the right training and a desirable background then you have a great chance of landing the post you want. There are hundreds of UK based companies that either specialise in maritime security or offer these services. For the ship or fleet owner, these companies offer a viable means of securing their ship, crew, and cargo.