Maritime security, often referred to as the shortened version of MarSec, is concerned with the protection of ports, seas, vessels, cargo, and passengers. Governments around the world employ their own MarSec agencies and have their own MarSec laws and if you work in this industry then you will need to keep abreast of this information. You can pursue a potentially rewarding career that takes you all around the world and provides you with suitable remuneration packages for the difficult job you face but you will need suitable training and access to the latest jobs information.

Maritime Security Laws And Regulations

There are many laws that govern what can and cannot be done in the name of maritime security and these laws change depending on where in the world you are. In some areas it may be acceptable to use any means necessary to defend cargo but there may be more stringent regulations put in place for another area. You should ensure that you have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations in the area that you are travelling to.

Maritime Security Jobs

Maritime security jobs vary greatly. You could work for the Coastguard or for a private firm. You could set up your own company or you could become a security consultant for a major freight company. You could aboard the vessels you are protecting or work onshore collecting, collating, and delivering the information and data that is necessary for an effective maritime security plan to be put in place.

Piracy And Other Threats

There are many threats that vessels and ports face. Piracy is a major concern, and has become an even more pertinent part of the MarSec world in recent years while the threat of terrorist attack looms over all forms of transport and at any border. Maritime security aims to prevent these threats from becoming a problem and, if they do pose a threat, then recovering from such attacks. It looks to protect everything from ports and whole countries to individuals and their cargo.

Maritime Security Training

If you’re looking for work in the MarSec industry then you will need to have the appropriate training to ensure that you are employable for any positions you apply for. Similarly, if you wish to further advance your career or even set up your own business you will need suitable training.

Maritime Security News

From changes in law to the release of new fleet tracking services and products you can find all of these details, along with news on the latest piracy threats and terrorist attacks in maritime security news publications. This will help you to stay on top of the industry in which you operate and offer your clients or your employers the best possible experience and level of knowledge you can.

The Role Of Technology

Technology plays an important part in any MarSec role. Whether you monitor the movement of potential pirate ships or your own fleet and whether you deal directly with onboard protection or the administration of a security plan, you will come into regular contact with a variety of different types of technology. You don’t need to know how everything works but you should have a strong understanding of those items that can be used to help improve security for you and those around you.


Maritime security, or MarSec, is a global interest and there are many companies, government agencies, and ports that require protection. Some wealthy individuals also require maritime security plans to be put into operation when they travel and you can find jobs and seek training to help you land the perfect job and fulfil your role as a maritime security professional.